What is Yelloday?



Yelloday enables positive workplace change by uniquely combining employee engagement with tools to empower and report sustainability to realise a more connected, collaborative, and productive workplace.


Using an interface similar to online social platforms, Yelloday is a cloud-based intranet with extra features designed for tomorrow’s workplace.


It is a simple and elegant business solution that works, and it requires no capital investment or ongoing maintenance and upgrade costs.


An organisation's values are at its core, defining how it behaves and what it stands for. By enabling interaction and feedback, Yelloday allows your values to come to life – going beyond words on a website – Yelloday helps build a positive and authentic culture.

Employee engagement has a proven impact on employee retention, loyalty and productivity.

Yelloday gives every employee a voice, breaking down silos, and encouraging fast, open and frequent interaction and collaboration, as well as a sense of collective identity and community.


Going beyond standard engagement tools, Yelloday enables the use of gamification to stimulate participation and innovation.


It can also be a portal for onboarding, a tool for real-time sharing of expertise and contacts, and an internal communication platform - for everything from the dissemination of organisational strategies and achievements to recognition of individual milestones.

Yelloday provides a solution for the efficient targeting and tracking of workplace intelligence across a variety of sustainability impacts - from standard indicators such as paper, transport and energy use - to time and money spent on social giving and employee learning and development.


It can generate benchmarks and customised reports, including dashboard summaries and workplace barometers - to share the information and, ultimately, to help manage costs and impacts. 


Yelloday goes further as it allows insight into the relative performance of teams and programs across a broad range of indicators, as well as providing a platform for grassroots initiatives, to easily integrate sustainability across an entire organisation.

'Where sustainability was once the responsibility of a designated manager, to be successful it must now be an integral part of corporate culture, not just accepted but driven by all parts of an organisation. It is as much about employee engagement and culture as it is about paper and energy.'  

- Maria Atkinson AM Co-founder, Yelloday

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Generate a range of customised reports – including summaries and workplace barometers.


Instantly see your organisation's environmental and social activities and impacts.


Inject fun and challenges into your organisation.

Start something

Start an initiative and empower people to make change.

Feature tour


Create a physical or virtual event, measure interest and outcomes.

Live feeds

Share information and post content, including images – follow people and give feedback.




Set up, send invitations and join
social groups.


Unlimited, around-the-clock email support and online help centre.


Add people to teams and link groups – have access to an up-to-date directory of everyone.


Enjoy a beautiful and dynamic cloud platform that's simple and easy to use.

Sustainability made easy

Compare performance across teams and workplaces, and against targets and industry benchmarks.


Bring organisational values to life, and give everyone a voice. 

Yelloday is currently in pilot testing and
will be ready for the world in 2016.


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